Does my bum look big in this AS3 component?

Did a little comparison today of the AS2 components versus the AS3 components. Here’s what I found: Component AS3 AS2 Button 14Kb 26Kb Checkbox 15Kb 27Kb ColorPicker 19Kb NA ComboBox 35Kb 55Kb DataGrid 41Kb 59Kb Label 14Kb 22Kb List 29Kb 47Kb NumericStepper 18Kb 28Kb ProgressBar 16Kb 26Kb RadioButton 16Kb 29Kb ScrollPane 21Kb 38Kb Slider 17Kb … Read more

Flash CS3 Compiler

I’m not sure why this particular feature wasn’t given a bit more airplay, but this little tidbit from the new Introducing Adobe Flash CS3 Professional article got me slightly excited: Code editor enhancements include Script Assist mode for ActionScript 3.0 and the same compiler as Flex Builder. The same compiler as Flex Builder…? As in … Read more

New Flash CS3 Components

I’ve just been watching the tours for a few of the new CS3 products and am wondering if anyone can shed some light on what components are included in Flash CS3?

The list I have (and this is only taken from the product tour video) is:


(* new for CS3 as far as I can tell)

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Latest Flash Penetration stats

Seems the latest stats for December 2006 have just been published here

It’s interesting to see what a difference Russia, India and Taiwan have made to the December 2006 Flash 9 stats. In all other Flash versions for December 2006, the emerging markets lag behind the rest of the world for Flash installs. However, Flash 9 seems to be installed more regularly in the emerging markets that it is in the established markets. I’m sure there’s some whiz bang statistical terms I could be using here – but hopefully this conclusion will suffice: Indian’s love Flash 9. It’s great to see the emerging markets really getting on board with the installation of new technology, makes my life as a flash developer just that bit easier.

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Flash 9 auto-update now active!

Firstly, let me wish all and sundry out there a very happy New Year! Hope you’ve got your resolutions down on paper, and have made a start on achieving them 🙂 I blogged earlier about the Flash auto-update not being enabled by the boffins at Adobe. Well it seems that it is now operational! On … Read more

It’s official!

I've finally gotten around to changing the name of my Macromedia bookmark to Adobe along with the URL it points to from to So, it's official – Adobe's acquisition of Macromedia is finally complete 😉 [and now for something completely different…] I've been mucking about with bezier curves for a clients project, and … Read more

Flash auto update

Just a quickie to say that my IE version of Flash 8 hasn't auto updated itself yet. I'm guessing it's something to do with the me installing and uninstalling that plugin so many times (using Flash plugin switcher) that it doesn't really know whether it's coming or going anymore. Though I'm sure there's an even … Read more

A trip down actionscript 1.0 memory lane

I was making a few modifications on a clients Flash 6 AS 1.0 movie yesterday, and can’t believe I spent about 30 minutes debugging what I perceived to be an issue AS 1.0 has with embedding fonts. In actuality, the trouble lied with my ability to take code that I’d copied from an AS 2.0 … Read more

Continuing my observation of oddities and the new Flash 9 player

It seems that clicking the “About Adobe Flash Player 9…” takes me to a URL that doesn’t exist: What gives? Surely there’s a redirect from the old Macromedia site to the Adobe one? Or have a I managed to snag Adobe/Macromedia in the middle of some technology changeover…? EDIT: Man, I’ve gotta stop doing … Read more

Weird Flash upgrade error

When visiting the standard page I am geting the following displayed in Firefox: Here’s a link to a screen grab Am assuming it’s something to do with the migration from Flash 8 to 9… is anyone else seeing this too? EDIT: Everything appears to be back to normal now, though I was seeing that … Read more