The App stores are madness… but I see the method in them.

Just posting this so in the annuls of time there’s a marker to look back at and realise at what time the “open web” died (give or take a year). With all this hullabaloo regarding HTML5 (and it’s associated technologies, whatever they are on any given day) we’ve somehow managed to remove the single best … Read more

Flash is alive and kicking! Why does it feel like Adobe’s trying to kill it?

I’ve been a Web/Flash designer and more recently a developer for over a decade now. I have been an avid supporter of the Macromedia’s and now Adobe’s Flash technology and all that it enables. However, as my livelihood relies on it, I’m quite concerned at the increasing lack of voice from Adobe and it’s evangelist … Read more

local3DToGlobal and Matrix3D shennanigans!

Just spent a few hours debugging this little delightful side effect of using local3DToGlobal on a DisplayObject that I’d set it’s matrix3D property to null (to remove the effect of blurry graphics after 2.5D rotations and z translations). Beware: using local3DToGlobal on a DisplayObject that doesn’t have a matrix3D property will result in that DisplayObject … Read more

Flash busted my bullocks last week

Generally speaking, Flash and cross browser deployment go hand in hand… not so for me over the last week. I spent 4 days doing some work for an Agency in London, and I encountered 3 browser related Flash “bugs”. 1. The stage appears to initialise quicker in Firefox and Chrome on Windows than it does … Read more

A Flash spoof of Apple’s HTML5 page

This is absolute Gold! Bravo to those that created it; you’ve made some very salient points with the examples and comparisons given. Now we just need to ensure that the same number of people (including Managers and tech decision makers) that read the dribble Apple’s CEO posted a few months back could see and … Read more