To continue with Air development or not to continue, that is the question

I’ve spent the last two weeks or so now doing a lot of tech soul searching, exploring all viable options currently available so I can move my life on in a tech landscape that’s seemingly (at least from an employment point of view) soon going to be devoid of Actionscript.

As such, I’m wondering how may others are feeling rather vitriolic towards Adobe, and whether the roadmap changes and uncertainty that they’ve brought to the Flash/Air ecosystem recently has made you jump ship. Best way to figure that out is with a simple survey. Feel free to repost this elsewhere (twitter, Google+, Flash/Air groups) so I can get a good cross section of the community having a say. Hopefully if I get enough respondents I’ll be able to feed this back to Adobe to give them some insight into the results their actions are having.

Bit of an aside, but I found an excellent resource on cross platform developer tools, where I’ve downloaded a survey they did in 2012 which details what devs are using and why. Definitely worth a read so head over to the link and download the pdf –



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2 thoughts on “To continue with Air development or not to continue, that is the question”

  1. I personnaly moved to Haxe+NME. i still use Flash IDE and Fireworks to create assets , but that’s it. With Haxe , i can target HTML5 , Android , IOS or any C++ target. I dont believe in Adobe’s commintment to Flash anymore.
    Jobs did not kill flash , HTML5 did not kill flash , Adobe did.
    Haxe is still a bit of a mess right now ( the docs are ugly ) but the community is comming together. Regards.


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