A Flash spoof of Apple’s HTML5 page

This is absolute Gold!


Bravo to those that created it; you’ve made some very salient points with the examples and comparisons given.

Now we just need to ensure that the same number of people (including Managers and tech decision makers) that read the dribble Apple’s CEO posted a few months back could see and experience this site. And hopefully they can if the Flash community band together with the aim of setting the facts straight.

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7 thoughts on “A Flash spoof of Apple’s HTML5 page”

  1. Oh, so they’re comparing a video editor with Apple’s simple HTML5 video playback? Erm, seriously? How about comparing the Mac Mini with Core i7 Desktop rig? Pretty lame Apple product, huh?

    Seriously, if you want to compare, then compare related things: I especially like how my CPU turns crazy playing the following video on 720p… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SinChlesle4&feature=PlayList&p=263A55003514E374&playnext_from=PL&playnext=1&index=33
    Wonder how an Android phone will perform on this…

  2. @fail – the comparison is very sound. How would you (assuming you’re a developer right?) go about creating a video editing application if a client asked you to do it? You wouldn’t use HTML5 (whatever the hell that actually is) to do so.

    Have you tried that link on an Android phone? I don’t have one personally, so can’t try Flash 10.1 beta on the device – but if someone does have one, and can check the link and let us all know how it goes that would be great!

  3. @Fail
    Runs perfectly fine on my couple of years old machine in 1080p. In fact much better than HTML5 video. Maybe something is wrong with yours? Like the manufacturer of your OS being slow with providing the API for low level hardware acceleration?

    I think you are missing the point of the page. The point is that the capabilities of HTML5 today is something which has been possible with Flash for many years. We all know that Flash can play video, but the point is that it can do a lot more.

    I made a little list with a bunch of Flash and HTML5 applications, trying my best to find the best examples of each technology in various categories so you can compare performance and features:


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