Be careful source controlling Flash Builders html-template folder

As the title of this thread suggests, svn’ing the html-template that Flash Builder relies on to generate the container html files can lead to some headaches. One in particular that has just taken me about 5 hours to solve.

I’ve been migrating my SVN repo over to Springloops (check it out if you haven’t already) and decided to add the html-template folder to source control. Made a few commits, then got to building a deployable swf and that’s when the shit hit the fan. From what I can ascertain, Flash Builder was copying whatever was in the html-template folder (which included the .svn metadata folder) into the build folder. As everything in the build folder was versioned as well (so I can one click deploy to staying and production server) bizarre things started happening when I tried to commit things. In hindsight I should’ve cottoned on to the fact that Flash Builder was actually copying and pasting the html-template’s svn data into a folder that it shouldn’t have been. Of course, hindsight’s a wonderful thing 😉

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5 thoughts on “Be careful source controlling Flash Builders html-template folder”

  1. So what was your solution here? I’ve been searching a bit for some compiler option that might allow more control over how things get copied, but haven’t had any luck. Were you able to smoothly keep both your html-template and bin directories w/in SVN?

  2. Wow, over a year ago since I posted this! I haven’t used Flash Builder much in the last year (migrated across to the rather brilliant FlashDevelop 🙂 which means I didn’t get around to finding a solution to the issue I was having. Possibly using Subclipse would give more control over how Flash Builder operates in regards to svn but I couldn’t be sure.

  3. Thanks for getting back. I’ve been interested in giving Flash Develop a shot. Nonetheless, my situation is one where I’m trying to come up with a solution for Flash Builder specifically as other developers on the project will be using it. I think I’ve settled on using Ant tasks to replace the built-in Flex compiler.


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