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Just a quickie to say that my IE version of Flash 8 hasn't auto updated itself yet. I'm guessing it's something to do with the me installing and uninstalling that plugin so many times (using Flash plugin switcher) that it doesn't really know whether it's coming or going anymore. Though I'm sure there's an even better technical reason out there for this behaviour (or lack of it). If anyone can shed any light on why IE's stuck on version 8, I would be interested to hear. I updated Firefox manually to the version 9 player.

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2 thoughts on “Flash auto update”

  1. I doubt Adobe has turn on the auto updating feature yet. I don’t think they did that on the FP 7 to 8 upgrade for at least a month, if not 2-3 after release. Until they turn it on, your system won’t know to update unless it hits an FP9 using website that prompts it to upgrade.

    Why haven’t they turned it on? No idea, but my guess is that they get hit with enough updates for the first few months and want to give website administrators and users a chance to fix their websites to work on the new version before causing the average person to upgrade and potentially have problems. Another reason may be to let the new player get fully tested. No matter how well they test internally and with beta users, until millions use it on a variety of sites they won’t know for sure how stable it is. They probably have a long list of reported bugs in the version and want to roll out a minor update before prompting the masses to upgrade to the newer iteration.


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