Flex 2 Unit Converter

This has been on my list of things to do in Flex since it was released. I finally got around to knocking together this units converter (the first three tabs are the only ones that work at the moment). During the development I think I finally grasped (well, got a better grasp anyway 😉 Events in Flex 2. The way that classes communicate also became a little clearer to me during the building of this. The lists in each section are actionscript components that call a Singleton class to do the actual calculation.

Check it out here (right click the movie to view the source – which I originally forgot to enable in the movie!)

I'm interested in feedback from flexers as to how they'd go about creating an interface to something like this. I think tabs is a reasonable way to split up the different unit groups, but want to hear of some other ideas of how the components could be used to create a better UI. 

Here's a link to my original take on unit conversion in Flash. I made this in 2002 using Flash 5! How things have changed…

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  1. I’m not seeing the view source option, can you try to recompile it with “view source” option again or post the code too? thanks.


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