Flexing my brain

I've just finished reading an article over at http://www.actionscript.com where Jesse Warden answers 10 questions on Flash & Flex. Question 4 really piqued my interest: "4. Coming from a Flash perspective, what was easy about learning Flex and what was the biggest challenge?". Jesse answers that question in 7 parts, here's part 2:

"The second thing was scope. I'm used to a tree based structure of scope in relation to Flash timelines. That is not the case in Flex. Everything is flat, and uses ID''s. Basically, if your class has a button called “my_pb”, you write “my_pb” to access it in your class."

Wow. Talk about a moment of clarity.

I must admit I had kinda seen this a few times since playing around with the Beta's and now the release, but it's never been put so succinctly. I intend on doing some serious reading of the documentation that came with Flex Builder 2 (and there's a lot of it). Hopefully I'll be able to find some more of these gems for those that are transitioning from Flash to Flex.

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