A trip down actionscript 1.0 memory lane

I was making a few modifications on a clients Flash 6 AS 1.0 movie yesterday, and can’t believe I spent about 30 minutes debugging what I perceived to be an issue AS 1.0 has with embedding fonts. In actuality, the trouble lied with my ability to take code that I’d copied from an AS 2.0 project and remove any typed variables – totally overlooked this (been in the land of AS 2.0 for too long!) I had created a typed textFormat variable. My bad – but man it was hard to debug, no errors where thrown… the only clue was that when I converted the project to AS 2.0 (and spent 20 minutes recoding various functions) it worked. So this morning I thought I’d get to the bottom of why AS 1.0 doesn’t work with embedded fonts – even though I’ve used them countless times before in AS 1.0 projects.

The moral of the story – always remember where you’ve come from, even if you don’t intend on EVER going back 😉

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2 thoughts on “A trip down actionscript 1.0 memory lane”

  1. It’s a nightmare! I have to do this all the time mainly when a client remember to change something a year later. Now I only use classes but some of my old projects still use timeline scripting. As you said… no errors were thrown and small pieces of code spreaded on every movieclips in the library.
    Sometimes I just prefer to rebuild a project than changing something on those oldies 😉


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