Who popped my cherry?

Wow, so this blogging stuff’s pretty powerful… and a little scary. It seems the aggregator I’ve been visiting for the last couple of years has decided to add me – and I didn’t even need to ask! As I don’t quite have a handle on how this actually happened, it seems a bit mysterious to me at the moment. Am assuming it’s got something to do with RSS? I was contemplating sending an email to Geoff Bowers, the master of fullasagoog.com, but as I haven’t yet, I’m wondering how in hades my blog and the posts I’ve made so far have magically appeared on fullasagoog this morning.

Was kinda biding my time so I could get a proper about page up, and make some visual changes to the site. The site kinda feels a bit nude to me at the moment, ahem, so you’ll have to excuse me while I continue to dress it up.
I’m ecstatic that I’m on the site (kinda a weird feeling going there first thing in the morning and seeing your name up in lights… cue dreamy music and dellusions of grandeur), I’m just hoping someone a bit more learned in the ways of the blog can shed some light on the mechanics of how it happened.

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2 thoughts on “Who popped my cherry?”

  1. Stumbled across your blog because of the Flex reflection component you enhanced. Thought I might start tracking your blog.. the Goog is really just a distillation of my eclectic interests in rich internet application development.

    Unlike other imitators, Fullasagoog is for the discerning reader 😉

  2. Hey Geoff 😉 Thanks for dropping by, and for adding my lil’ol blog to fullasagoog. Was really stoked when I saw my posts listed, albeit a little confused. Thanks for clearing up the first part of my post.

    Perhaps you can shed a little more light on two more things for me. 1) How come some of the blogs in fullasagoog have the name of the blog, whereas others (like mine) have the name of their author? Is it to do with the actual length of the blogs name?

    Secondly, if you check out this link – http://www.fullasagoog.com/index.cfm?blogid=468 – my posts have got ’s where there should be a comma. I’ve since changed my Syndication Feeds options in the wordpress settings from Full text to Summary and am hoping that will clear up the encoding issues. If there’s anyone else out there that can clear up this one for me, that’d be appreciated.

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