Does my bum look big in this AS3 component?

Did a little comparison today of the AS2 components versus the AS3 components. Here’s what I found:

Component AS3 AS2
Button 14Kb 26Kb
Checkbox 15Kb 27Kb
ColorPicker 19Kb NA
ComboBox 35Kb 55Kb
DataGrid 41Kb 59Kb
Label 14Kb 22Kb
List 29Kb 47Kb
NumericStepper 18Kb 28Kb
ProgressBar 16Kb 26Kb
RadioButton 16Kb 29Kb
ScrollPane 21Kb 38Kb
Slider 17Kb NA
TextArea 21Kb 39Kb
TextInput 15Kb 25Kb
TileList 33Kb NA
UILoader 15Kb 26Kb (mx.controls.Loader)
UIScrollBar 18Kb 34Kb

I also note that there is no AS3 component equivalents for the AS2 Accordian, Alert, DateChooser, DateField, Menu, MenuBar, Tree and Window components. What is the plan for these rather useful missing components? Or are they seen as being Flex related so are no longer released with the Flash IDE? Can someone shed some light on how we can get access to these missing components?

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6 thoughts on “Does my bum look big in this AS3 component?”

  1. You should note that the CS3 components are on the left, while the old ones are on the right. With no headers on your table, the only hint is that you mention AS2 components before AS3, but they don’t appear first in the table!

    Additionally, it’s important to know that the base UIComponent and its dependencies in Flash CS3 is about 14Kb, and that is shared across components. A Button plus a List will be roughly 30k total because of this sharing.

    (Jason says: My bad, I’ve added the headers now. And I intend on giving a comparison between the size of a fairly standard Flash form using AS3 Vs. AS2 components.)

  2. Anyword on how to get access to the missing components in a AS3 project? I’ve got a project that I can’t upgrade because of the missing components.

  3. I’m in the same position as Josh where I’m need upgrade a Flash 7 project to Flash CS3 and I need the AS3 version of the DateField component.


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