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I’m not sure why this particular feature wasn’t given a bit more airplay, but this little tidbit from the new Introducing Adobe Flash CS3 Professional article got me slightly excited:

Code editor enhancements include Script Assist mode for ActionScript 3.0 and the same compiler as Flex Builder.

The same compiler as Flex Builder…? As in the one that’s about 10 times quicker than the compiler in Flash 8?! I’m hoping that the Flex compiler in Flash CS3 works as quickly on AS3.0 as it does on AS2.0 as I’ll probably be writing that for a while yet. Would love a comment from someone more in the know than me on this.

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5 thoughts on “Flash CS3 Compiler”

  1. The FlexBuilder compiler is written in Java, and supports only AS 3.0. I haven’t seen this news about the Flash CS3 compiler, but I can almost certainly assure you that it won’t support AS 2.0.

    What they’re likely doing is launching the asc.jar-based compiler for AS 3.0, and using the old one from Flash 8 for AS 2.0.

    Would anyone from Macrodobia care to comment/correct me on this?

  2. I’m as clueless as anyone on the AS2 front, but for AS3, it’s great news, actually. The AS3 compiler in the “Flash 9 Alpha AS3 preview” has a few crazy of bugs (its strict mode is specially weird and very different from the Flex one) and I was afraid that would be the shipping compiler. Thanks Flying Spaghetti Monster that’s not the case.

  3. Not sure if this is any indication of a possible speed increase across the board for Flash CS3 compile times, but I’ve just read this taken from Flashmagazine

    It boots up and compiles files much faster than previous versions. As an example, I took a large sized file, with well over 250 images in it and compiled it in Flash 8 and Flash CS3. Flash 8 took about 40 seconds, Flash CS3 took about 18 seconds.

    I’d be pretty stoked if this speed increase affected all projects, not just AS3 ones.


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