Flex 4/Air Unit and Currency Converter

This is my first foray into using Flex 4, and it takes off from where I was at with my Converter application (as mentioned here, here and here) back in September of 2006 (shizzer time flies!).

I’ve changed the currency conversion to use Google’s Finance site, which means far more accurate conversions are occurring now.

I’d like to make it so you can select multiple currencies and convert to them all at one time. Also with the ability to remember the settings that you’ve used.

If anyone else has got any ideas about features they’d like to see just leave me a comment.

You can view the web version of the converter here www.wrench.com.au/converter

[airbadge] Converter, http://www.wrench.com.au/converter/converter.air, 1.0, blah.jpg[/airbadge]

Or you can install the Air app by clicking on the install badge if you’d prefer to have it on your desktop.

I’m using Flash Builder 4 Beta 2 to create this app. I’ve had to setup 2 projects to export both the web and Air version of the converter. If anyone’s got any tips on doing this from a single project then that would be appreciated. I suppose if it was a more complex piece of code, then there’d be some benefit in splitting the codebase, as it is this just adds a hurdle in the way of a smooth development process.

I’ve also given up on trying to fix the security issues I was having with accessing an external link on a 3rd party server for the currency conversions (as detailed back in the first three posts I made on the converter). I’ve got a php proxy page on my server instead which calls the google site and then returns the results to the swf. This only occurs for the web version though, the Air one connects directly to Google so is about 250ms quicker on each currency conversion.

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