Flex 2 Unit Converter – Part III

Ok, the plot continues to thicken on the Flex front. I've been pulling my hair out trying to the get the previous example to work when viewing it on the web and up to about a minute ago I was having no luck.

So I thought I'd finally upgrade my flash player in IE (yes, I was waiting for it to auto update itself, but it seems Adobe [for whatever reason] haven't flicked the switch on the auto update mechanism) and lo and behold there is no security sandbox violation runtime error and the webservice correctly returns a result!


It seems that the Debugging version of the player (the one I've got installed in Firefox and have been testing the converter in) isn't working properly with the Flash Security Sandbox. Very odd indeed….

Can anyone confirm that the currency converter is actually working for them in the debug version of Flash Player 9?

EDIT: I just installed the non-debug Flash Player 9.0.16 for Firefox, and the example still doesn't load the webservice! Even though, using IE and the same Flash Player version works! It's funny little things like this that really cause me to loose faith in Flash sometimes… hopefully someone out there can help "keep the faith" 😉

EDIT 2: I have just submitted a bug report to the Mothership… hopefully someone can help me out further with this cross browser odditity.

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4 thoughts on “Flex 2 Unit Converter – Part III”

  1. I am using the debug player in Firefox and the currance converter doesn’t do anything for me.

    I am a bit busy at the moment but this project looks like something I might use, especially the currancy converter so I will have a look into this further as soon as I get a chance and see if a second pair of eyes will help.

    Cool project though! 😀

  2. This is really odd. It does work with the debug player in IE for me too! I don’t see how one would work but not the other maybe someone from Adobe has some answers or maybe there is something that can be logged as a bug here?

  3. lol, the internet cracks me up sometimes… I just noticed that one of the top keywords people are finding my site for these days is "currance converter" – all because someone left a comment with that spelling. Way to go Google! And I guess the fact I've just misspelt it here again ain't going to help things 😉


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