Webservice with Flex problem solved!

So it's been nigh on two months since I first experienced a strange Firefox webservice issue. My previous post details what was going on with the converter application and it's seemingly non-cross platform behaviour. I've tried a few different things since my first post, including logging bug reports with Adobe (which got no feedback), posting on forums as well as to the Flexcoders mailing list. All without any real assistance, so today I finally thought I'd connect up a different webservice (webservicex.com) and hey presto, It now works in Firefox!!!

I've gotta admit, this one tiny little issue has actually been holding me back from delving deeper into Flex 2. So now I'm over this one annoyance, I'll get back into cranking out some more Flex stuff.

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4 thoughts on “Webservice with Flex problem solved!”

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  2. Hi,
    In result event object i could find the message, result, target etc… In message i have body which is a string of complete response file. In result i hardly find some of the result object and some are missing from where I am trying to retrieve details. Did any one face such problem with flex…. Plz respond me


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