A wolf in sheeps clothing

Ok, this is a bit off topic but I attended Oxegen festival in Ireland recently. The music was good, the weather was crap, the punters in my campsite were worse. Some little bastard thought it would be funny to go into my tent and spread my belongings all over the campsite. Not cool. I found some of the things, but others were lost to the mud.

Anyways, the purpose of this post is to give a shout out to the service and support department at Black Wolf (Kate in particular 😉 . One of the parts of my backpack went missing, and they’re going to send a new one all the way from Australia to London free of charge! So if you’re in Oz and thinking about doing some travelling, make sure you check out the Black Wolf gear. Not only is there service awesome (this is the second time they’ve helped me out since I’ve been overseas) the quality of their gear is very good as well.

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