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I’ve just spent the last 15 minutes mucking around with a cool AIR app called TiltShift. It basically lets you create images using a technique called Tilt Shift Photography. The app does a rather nifty job I must say, here’s what I knocked up in around 15 minutes from the back catalogue of images on my computer.

I reckon image 4 is the best one, though I’ll continue to plough through the image banks at this end looking for suitable candidates to miniaturise. Anything where the subject matter is below the camera seems to work well. Obviously the Tower of London doesn’t fit into this category, so I’ll have to take a happy snap from the Eye and have another crack at that 😉

For those wanting to do it the old school way, check out this Photoshop tutorial that shows how.

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4 thoughts on “Tilt Shift Air App”

  1. Just to be pedantic, you’re not really creating tilt-shift images, which as explained in your Wikipedia link require special photographic lenses, you’re simply faking one use of tilt-shift which is to create fake miniatures.

    Nice app though 🙂

    I think one thing to keep in mind is to avoid too many large vertical objects in the focus of the image, as they will end up blurred top and/or bottom & spoil the effect.

    There’s some nice examples in the flickr pool:

  2. There’s at least one photographer at my school who achieved some moderate fame (an article in Hi-Fructose) for his otherwise mundane use of this exact technique. I thought it stunk of bullshit then and I do now.

    Glad to know we’re democratizing the process in as efficient a way as possible.

  3. The app is fine and all (fiddling with images is always fun, that’s for a fact), although my personal take on photography involves considerable non-acceptance towards any alterations – as I see it, any interventions of such kind convert photo into something else (hopefully of the art kind, but still). Oh well, I guess that’s completely off point – all there is to say is “cool to have an app as that.”



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