Come together, right now… over Groups

I’m a bit late on this one I know (had it in my todo’s to blog about it back when Max US was on) but Adobe have created a very cool Groups website to promote and manage the hundreds of different user groups around the world that deal with Adobe technology.

Here’s my beloved South Oz group (G’day Steven 😉

The number of groups in London is still a bit thin on the ground, or am I not searching for the right keywords…?

And I love the welcome message, should just about cover everyone I reckon!

Will be interesting to see what comes of the community over the next few months and just how useful the site will be for networking purposes. Hopefully everyone that attends User Group meetings will be encouraged to go onto the Groups site and register as a member of their group (and any other ones they might be interested in). As a bit of a working nomad at the moment that should make it easier to network with your next port of call before even arriving there.

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