It’s been a big month. I started my Flex 3 journey. A new US president was elected. I visited Legoland. With this post, I’ve cracked the magical number of 10 in a month! And in that time I’ve grown what is quite possibly one of the silliest moustaches. So here’s to Movember, and all the … Read more

re: Australia

At first my comments below were driven largely by the offence taken (as an Australian) at Daniel Freeman’s post titled Australia. Check out the article, it refers to working in different countries and the opportunity that brings (or not as the case may be). Now I find over generalising isn’t a great way to make … Read more

Picasa 3 is out!

My love hate affair with Google’s Picasa is starting to tilt more towards just being one of love. Picasa 3 is out (somehow I totally missed the Beta) and has some really great new features. I especially like the new video controls (no idea why it took them so long to implement a shuttle slider … Read more

Good at writing lists; bad at crossing things off them

I’ve spent a good deal of the last couple days fiddling around with two list applications (they’re both Air apps). The first one, MiniTask takes (as the name suggests) a minimalist approach to task lists. The second one, Simple Tasks V2 is much more complex and has a few of the features that I think … Read more

Enough “Helvetica Neue” already!

As a Firefox 3 user, I was mystified when I upgraded from FF 2 to see that a few sites had some very ugly italic text going on. The number of sites not rendering “properly” has steadily grown to the point where I decided to figure out what the hell was going on.

Well it seems that FF3 doesn’t render “Helvetica Neue” very well… in fact it does a very bad job indeed!

I have a dream…

I awoke this morning to the BBC coverage of Senator Obama being announced as President Elect. A few times I welled up listening to his victory speech – reminded me of some of Jed Bartlett’s finer oratory moments 😉 Barack Obama certainly has a way with words, but actions tend to be a bit louder … Read more