My foray into the world of Flex

For the last week or so I’ve been diving into the world of Flex (after a few false starts with Flex 1.5 and 2 over a year ago).

Thought I’d post a few links that have helped out or have been of some interest along the way.

Firstly, this one’s closely aligned to my heart – Finally I get to learn Flex. I’m hearen ya Brad, I finally get to learn a bit about Flex as well!

Next came an example about Rich ItemRenderers. Seeing that sort of stuff always gets me excited about the power of Flex.

For a couple of weeks now I’ve been playing (quite literally) with a rather cool Flex interface.

Then I got involved in the discussion at polygeek when I was trying to make text in Flex look like a normal HTML link.

I’ve also been actively looking for Flex books. Checked out Doug and Deepa’s Adobe Flex 3.0 for Dummies at the Borders near Covent Garden (and yes I’m name dropping, the novelty of walking around the streets of London hasn’t worn off on a boy from lil ‘ol Adelaide… yet). I think I’ll wait until Programming Flex 3: The Comprehensive Guide to Creating Rich Media Applications with Adobe Flex lands in the UK. I’m also reading the pint size Getting Started with Flex 3 via the free 45 day trial Safari offers. Should be able to polish it off in 45 days, so not sure about the logic of offering a book like this on a trial like that.

Possibly a bit ahead of where I’m at at the moment, “top 10 mistakes while building a flex application” gives some insight into things I’ll need to (and to an extent) already am aware of.

Lastly the site that’s been the greatest help during my first tentative steps into the world of Flex has been Flex Examples (and specifically the Tags page). Love your work Peter deHaan! (who incidentally has impeccable taste in blog design 😉

I find the willingness and depth of support for Flex astounding. And the view source feature is genius (whoever at Adobe came up with that one can probably take a reasonable amount of credit for the ever expanding Flex developer base).

I’ll post more about what I’m working on in the forth coming weeks. Plus I’ll get to posting the currency converter I whipped up (once it’s been Airified and Vistafied) as well.

So there you have it, a whirlwind trip through the last few days and weeks of my Flex journey. Here’s hoping it will continue to be an enjoyable one.

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