why no AIR store?

Does anyone else find it odd that there’s no Adobe backed central repository for distributing AIR applications? I know that the Central runtime never really went anywhere (apparently due to the technical limitations of the users computer at the time).

So is the world ready for a centralised, built for developers, run for users AIR (dare I say it) App store?

Perhaps it’s time to feed Apple a bit of it’s own medicine, pretending to be innovative in an area that quite clearly has already been done – just not marketed properly.

This time around however, I think Adobe (and it’s throng of Flash developers) can cling to the coattails of Apple’s App Store – but with the promise of being able to use the application across all devices that have the Flash Player installed.

I’m hoping that the latest Flash Player version will allow this to become a reality.

If anyone’s got information about businesses that have already tried to monetise this please add your comments at the bottom.

UPDATE: I’ve been reliably informed by Tink in the comments that there is an Adobe AIR Marketplace. Possibly the fact that I don’t know about it means that there’s still a bit of marketing work to be done somewhere.

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