2009: the year of the alternative energy oxymoron

Ok, so it’s actually the international year of astronomy – but I’d like to decree in a fairly dictatorial manner that it should be the year of alternative energy (and that’s not to say that I’ve got anything against astronomy 😉

In fact, I put it to you that not only should this year be the year of alternative energy, but the year after that, and for the next decade to come. Let me come to my point, which is we don’t have an alternative place in the universe to live, so why are we still referring to alternative energies in all their forms as such?

Alternative energy is an oxymoron; there is no alternative. Unless you enjoy 55 degree days, raging weather and a very wet day at the beach (which is now about 3 km’s further inland than where it used to be).

Perhaps a massive rebranding of the term is required. It seems that people are happy to continue to use the current form of “main stream” energy (or whatever you’d like to term energy that isn’t “alternative”) as it’s too hard to change their ways. Again, I put it to you – what is the alternative to living on this planet?

This post doesn’t offer any solutions. But I do hope it will help raise the awareness of those reading it that things really do need to change, and fast.

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4 thoughts on “2009: the year of the alternative energy oxymoron”

  1. You mean Green renewable energy.

    Cold energy is the key but for now lets control what we have.

    Solar panel on your roof hook on grid

    Energy from waste
    http://www.solarix.eu/en/products/40/Eco Energy Concept

    Tide renewable energy

    City of Malmo in Sweden is good example to follow.

    Now think about if Obama would have bought a solar panel to every Americans instead of Bank bailout black hole.


  2. More than half the world believes that access to energy is more important than alternative energy; better to consider your options for adapting to change rather than preventing change.


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