Back, back, back and hesitate!

In an adjunct to my last post on choice (which didn’t exactly set the comment textfield on fire) I’d like to exclaim just how many ways I have to navigate back (and forward) in my browser!

1. standard browser back button
2. right click on page, select back
3. alt + left arrow key
4. right mouse button then left mouse button quickly (only just discovered this one by accident)
5. right click and hold then drag to the left (courtesy of the mouse gestures extension)
6. History > Back
7. click dedicated back button on mouse (VX Revolultion)

Anyone got any others?

The problem with this amount of choice (and I touched on this in my last post) is that it can often cause me to hesitate while I pick one of the 7 ways of going back – when I really just want to go back without thinking about it.

Damn you choice!

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7 thoughts on “Back, back, back and hesitate!”

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  2. Use the Mouse Gestures addon in Firefox, or just turn them on in Opera 🙂

    Hold the right mouse button, move mouse to the left, then release. Back you go!

    They’re competely customisable for other things. I use gestures for going back (move mouse left), forward (move right), closing (down then right), opening (down), refreshing (up then down) and duplicating (down then up) tabs, min(down then left)/maximising (up then right) windows, etc, etc.

    Means you don’t have to take your hand off the mouse at all for navigating around the interwebs!

  3. Thanks for the tips George 😉 I’ve been across mouse gestures since Firefox 1.0.7 came out, though I must admit I used them mainly for going back on a web page – now that my mouse has a dedicated back button I tend to use that. Oh, and you missed my favourite gesture – the big upside down U which brings up the page source code. Of course, this can also be achieved via the right click menu, the web dev toolbar view source option, the View > Page Source menu… too many choices I tells ya!


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