Houston, we have a problem

Not one to get left out of the blogging frenzy at the moment, I thought I’d better add my $0.02 about the Apollo release… and I would except it doesn’t work on Win2K!!!

So now Adobe want me to upgrade to Vista as well???

Would love to hear something from Adobe re: the final target system requirements for Apollo.

And yes, I realise this is an Alpha release… just a bit bummed I can’t get in on the Apollo action at this stage.

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4 thoughts on “Houston, we have a problem”

  1. I’m not on the Apollo team myself, but historically it’s been pretty rare to downgrade minimum system requirements after alpha. If one part of your system is five years old then it can start to get difficult to add cutting-edge improvements, that’s true.


  2. I see your point but as Microsoft will no longer be supporting the OS from June 30th onwards I think you’ll be hard pressed to find companies releasing any new software with support for Windows 2000.

    With no more security patches being issued its more of a liability than an advantage to support it IMHO.

  3. Hey John and Peter, thanks for the comments.

    I intend on upgrading to Vista, just not yet – want to wait for everyone else to do a bit more testing of the OS for me 😉

    Anyways, there’s now a post on the forum link that has allowed me to get it working on Win2K. Copy three dll’s from the install directory into WINNT/system32 and hey presto, Apollo works!

  4. Just thought I’d follow up my post on this and say that Windows 2000 was actually supported by the AIR 1.0 release. In the interim I’ve had to upgrade to Vista anyway so I could use the Adobe CS3 suite. So one way or another it looks like Microsoft have got me by the balls…


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