iPhones for Osama

Could the newly announced iPhone be the solution to a world gripped by terror?

John Mayer closed the recent Macworld expo with the following comments:

“Steve Jobs and Apple Inc. just make life more fun – it’s the exact opposite of terrorism.”

(And yes I’m drawing a very long Apple iBow here 😉 Perhaps if the iPhone made its way into the lives of those inflicting the terror, the fun they’re having with their shiny new Apple product may just make them forget their devious schemes…. failing that, there’s only 5 hours of battery life to watch re-runs of Al Jazeera – which should delay them for a while I guess. And if that’s not a case for the advancement of fuel cell technology, then I don’t know what is!

And it’s worth noting that the Keynote address on the iPhones site is currently unaccessible due to high demand. I’d be guessing here, but Apple’s streaming server setup would be pretty impressive, so the number of users clamoring all over this story must be equally as impressive.

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