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The App stores are madness… but I see the method in them.

Just posting this so in the annuls of time there’s a marker to look back at and realise at what time the “open web” died (give or take a year). With all this hullabaloo regarding HTML5 (and it’s associated technologies,

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Flex 4/Air Unit and Currency Converter

This is my first foray into using Flex 4, and it takes off from where I was at with my Converter application (as mentioned here, here and here) back in September of 2006 (shizzer time flies!). I’ve changed the currency

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Picasa 3 is out!

My love hate affair with Google’s Picasa is starting to tilt more towards just being one of love. Picasa 3 is out (somehow I totally missed the Beta) and has some really great new features. I especially like the new

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Google promotes social search algorithm

This morning when doing my normal Googling I noticed two new icons associated with every search result. Here’s a screenshot (click for a larger image): As you can see there is a new arrow icon (promote) and a cross icon

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Google Maps meet AS3, AS3 meet Google Maps

A few years back I worked on a project that used the Google Maps API and at the time I was charged with recommending to the client whether to use Flash or Javascript/HTML to get the job done. At the

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