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Flex 4/Air Unit and Currency Converter

This is my first foray into using Flex 4, and it takes off from where I was at with my Converter application (as mentioned here, here and here) back in September of 2006 (shizzer time flies!). I’ve changed the currency

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Flash Catalyst or Catastrophe?

I’ve been watching the large number of blog links regarding the news from Adobe labs that Flash Catalyst is now in public Beta; naturally I had to download and have a go myself. My first impressions are not good. It

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Passing parameters to a Flex eventListener – use a Dictionary!

Firstly, Happy New Year! Hope your ’09 is off to a flyer! Secondly, sorry about the rather mundane heading – couldn’t really think of what to call this post. I’ve been typing all sorts of things into Google trying to

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Flex and my state/binding epiphany!

I’ve been trouble shooting an issue that I was experiencing in Flex for close to 20 hours now. Yup I know, what could possibly take 20 hours to work out!!? What I’ve been trying to do is set up binding

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Flex Builder trace() issues

I’m having a few issues with Flex Builder and Sephiroth’s FlashTracer Firefox extension at the moment. The first issue is that the Design view in Flex actually traces things like: -> Begin call to AS: getGlobalPoint(Canvas1,-1,-1) Begin call to AS:

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Google Maps geo-location by IP Flex example

Following on from my earlier post regarding Google Maps and Flex, I’ve put together a new example which I reckon’s pretty nifty. Somehow my idea was spawned by Andrew Shorten’s post which discussed using Google Maps and the new Adobe

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It’s been a big month. I started my Flex 3 journey. A new US president was elected. I visited Legoland. With this post, I’ve cracked the magical number of 10 in a month! And in that time I’ve grown what

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Flex Builder is having an identity crisis

Not one to start rumours, but this comment from Lee Brimolow over at Keith Peters blog seems to suggest (or my reading between the lines is shocking) that there will be a revised naming strategy for the upcoming release of

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Flex 3 and Form container layout issues

Kinda taking off from where I was at in this old post of mine, I’m now having some issues with how Flex does it’s calculations for the vertical scrollbar. Specifically when using a TabNavigator component that has Form components as

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My foray into the world of Flex

For the last week or so I’ve been diving into the world of Flex (after a few false starts with Flex 1.5 and 2 over a year ago). Thought I’d post a few links that have helped out or have

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