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The App stores are madness… but I see the method in them.

Just posting this so in the annuls of time there’s a marker to look back at and realise at what time the “open web” died (give or take a year). With all this hullabaloo regarding HTML5 (and it’s associated technologies,

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Flash is alive and kicking! Why does it feel like Adobe’s trying to kill it?

I’ve been a Web/Flash designer and more recently a developer for over a decade now. I have been an avid supporter of the Macromedia’s and now Adobe’s Flash technology and all that it enables. However, as my livelihood relies on

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The great Flash brand dilemma

I was speaking with a colleague last week about the amazing work that Air for Mobile facilitates, and we both agreed that with the battering the Flash brand has taken recently, it might be time for a bit of a

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why no AIR store?

Does anyone else find it odd that there’s no Adobe backed central repository for distributing AIR applications? I know that the Central runtime never really went anywhere (apparently due to the technical limitations of the users computer at the time).

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Flash 10.1 – Failure is not an option

In light of the recent debate sparked by Steve Jobs’ comments regarding Flash and it’s perceived weaknesses I thought I’d take an opportunity to make it patently clear – the perception of Flash is that it’s a slow, memory and

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Flash Catalyst or Catastrophe?

I’ve been watching the large number of blog links regarding the news from Adobe labs that Flash Catalyst is now in public Beta; naturally I had to download and have a go myself. My first impressions are not good. It

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Google Maps geo-location by IP Flex example

Following on from my earlier post regarding Google Maps and Flex, I’ve put together a new example which I reckon’s pretty nifty. Somehow my idea was spawned by Andrew Shorten’s post which discussed using Google Maps and the new Adobe

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Come together, right now… over Groups

I’m a bit late on this one I know (had it in my todo’s to blog about it back when Max US was on) but Adobe have created a very cool Groups website to promote and manage the hundreds of

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Flash Player ate all the pies!

I just checked out the latest Flash Player release candidate and was interested to see that the file size of the Mac and Linux versions are over 5.45Mb and 3.8Mb respectively. The PC version is still under 2Mb (which is

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