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Good at writing lists; bad at crossing things off them

I’ve spent a good deal of the last couple days fiddling around with two list applications (they’re both Air apps). The first one, MiniTask takes (as the name suggests) a minimalist approach to task lists. The second one, Simple Tasks

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Enough “Helvetica Neue” already!

As a Firefox 3 user, I was mystified when I upgraded from FF 2 to see that a few sites had some very ugly italic text going on. The number of sites not rendering “properly” has steadily grown to the point where I decided to figure out what the hell was going on.

Well it seems that FF3 doesn’t render “Helvetica Neue” very well… in fact it does a very bad job indeed!

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The Dream’s alive (sorta…)

For those Aussie’s abroad at the moment and lamenting the demise of Channel 7′s “The Dream” during the Olympics, you’ll be happy to know JJJ have come to the rescue! Roy & HG are broadcasting a half hour wrap up

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Freelancing in another country

Having just returned recently from a 4 week whirlwind tour of the UK, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Holland and Hong Kong; I lobbed back into ‘lil old Adelaide with the very strong desire to do it all over again. But this

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My blog has a weekend too

I was just looking at my Google Analytics stats for this blog, and noticed that there are wave like patterns in the visits graph. They coincide with Satuday and Sunday in the US (where most of my traffic comes from).

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There’s something about varying shades of grey…

I can’t put my finger on what it is – but a well used palette of greys just does something for me. Which is why it was love at first sight when I saw the redoable WordPress theme – I

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Back, back, back and hesitate!

In an adjunct to my last post on choice (which didn’t exactly set the comment textfield on fire) I’d like to exclaim just how many ways I have to navigate back (and forward) in my browser! 1. standard browser back

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Software Dictatorship – A daily dichotomy

There’s something that’s been on my mind. It’s something I’ve spent many hours pondering recently. Choice. Specifically, which software to choose. Which path to take. Will going down path A get me there in the end or is path B

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Adobe and Microsoft are wasting my time

Without any real appreciation of just how complex it must be to release an operating system (with all the inherent backwards compatibility issues that WILL surface) or to create software that is hard to pirate yet easy for legitimate users

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Preventing comment spam with math

I came to the realisation yesterday when I posted about Apollo that the spam protection I was using was actually stopping all visitors from leaving comments on my blog. I disabled it for about 12 hours and in that time

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