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The App stores are madness… but I see the method in them.

Just posting this so in the annuls of time there’s a marker to look back at and realise at what time the “open web” died (give or take a year). With all this hullabaloo regarding HTML5 (and it’s associated technologies,

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Time to get responsive!

Just a celebratory post to signify my third WordPress skin and my 6th year of blogging! Try it out on your phone, tablet, or desktop and watch those pixels fly!!

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A wolf in sheeps clothing

Ok, this is a bit off topic but I attended Oxegen festival in Ireland recently. The music was good, the weather was crap, the punters in my campsite were worse. Some little bastard thought it would be funny to go

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2009: the year of the alternative energy oxymoron

Ok, so it’s actually the international year of astronomy – but I’d like to decree in a fairly dictatorial manner that it should be the year of alternative energy (and that’s not to say that I’ve got anything against astronomy

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Breaking news: Good triumphs over evil

Well on this website it does anyway Had to take a bit of a break from the project I’m currently working on… think I’m being driven slowly insane by Flex.

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Come together, right now… over Groups

I’m a bit late on this one I know (had it in my todo’s to blog about it back when Max US was on) but Adobe have created a very cool Groups website to promote and manage the hundreds of

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It’s been a big month. I started my Flex 3 journey. A new US president was elected. I visited Legoland. With this post, I’ve cracked the magical number of 10 in a month! And in that time I’ve grown what

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re: Australia

At first my comments below were driven largely by the offence taken (as an Australian) at Daniel Freeman’s post titled Australia. Check out the article, it refers to working in different countries and the opportunity that brings (or not as

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Picasa 3 is out!

My love hate affair with Google’s Picasa is starting to tilt more towards just being one of love. Picasa 3 is out (somehow I totally missed the Beta) and has some really great new features. I especially like the new

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Google promotes social search algorithm

This morning when doing my normal Googling I noticed two new icons associated with every search result. Here’s a screenshot (click for a larger image): As you can see there is a new arrow icon (promote) and a cross icon

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