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Flex 3 and Form container layout issues

Kinda taking off from where I was at in this old post of mine, I’m now having some issues with how Flex does it’s calculations for the vertical scrollbar. Specifically when using a TabNavigator component that has Form components as

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My foray into the world of Flex

For the last week or so I’ve been diving into the world of Flex (after a few false starts with Flex 1.5 and 2 over a year ago). Thought I’d post a few links that have helped out or have

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Houston, we have a problem

Not one to get left out of the blogging frenzy at the moment, I thought I’d better add my $0.02 about the Apollo release… and I would except it doesn’t work on Win2K!!! So now Adobe want me to upgrade

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Webservice with Flex problem solved!

So it's been nigh on two months since I first experienced a strange Firefox webservice issue. My previous post details what was going on with the converter application and it's seemingly non-cross platform behaviour. I've tried a few different things

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Flex 2 Unit Converter – Part III

Ok, the plot continues to thicken on the Flex front. I've been pulling my hair out trying to the get the previous example to work when viewing it on the web and up to about a minute ago I was

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Flex 2 Unit Converter – Part II

Though I'd continue my work on the unit converter, add a few more conversions (Volume, Weight & Mass and everybody's favourite – Computer Units are now available). But the thing I really wanted to add was a currency conversion. This

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Flex 2 and horizontal scrollbars

I was mucking about with viewing the flex unit converter at different screen sizes and noticed that when viewed at a size small enough to require a vertical scroll bar, a horizontal scroll bar would also appear. Basically the introduction

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Flex 2 Unit Converter

This has been on my list of things to do in Flex since it was released. I finally got around to knocking together this units converter (the first three tabs are the only ones that work at the moment). During

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Flexing my brain

I've just finished reading an article over at where Jesse Warden answers 10 questions on Flash & Flex. Question 4 really piqued my interest: "4. Coming from a Flash perspective, what was easy about learning Flex and what was

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Live reflection component with a twist!

This is my first foray into the flex world, and I’ve chosen to take some baby steps by extending a component that was published by Narciso Jaramillo over at . As I’ve never published code that I’ve “extended” before,

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