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To continue with Air development or not to continue, that is the question

I’ve spent the last two weeks or so now doing a lot of tech soul searching, exploring all viable options currently available so I can move my life on in a tech landscape that’s seemingly (at least from an employment

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Flash is alive and kicking! Why does it feel like Adobe’s trying to kill it?

I’ve been a Web/Flash designer and more recently a developer for over a decade now. I have been an avid supporter of the Macromedia’s and now Adobe’s Flash technology and all that it enables. However, as my livelihood relies on

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The great Flash brand dilemma

I was speaking with a colleague last week about the amazing work that Air for Mobile facilitates, and we both agreed that with the battering the Flash brand has taken recently, it might be time for a bit of a

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Native Extensions for Android with Air 3 and Flashdevelop

I spent a day or so recently wrangling with the new Native Extension capabilities introduced in Air 3, so thought I’d post up some details of my findings. Firstly, I’ll be honest and say that I found the process (starting

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why no AIR store?

Does anyone else find it odd that there’s no Adobe backed central repository for distributing AIR applications? I know that the Central runtime never really went anywhere (apparently due to the technical limitations of the users computer at the time).

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Flex 4/Air Unit and Currency Converter

This is my first foray into using Flex 4, and it takes off from where I was at with my Converter application (as mentioned here, here and here) back in September of 2006 (shizzer time flies!). I’ve changed the currency

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Tilt Shift Air App

I’ve just spent the last 15 minutes mucking around with a cool AIR app called TiltShift. It basically lets you create images using a technique called Tilt Shift Photography. The app does a rather nifty job I must say, here’s

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Good at writing lists; bad at crossing things off them

I’ve spent a good deal of the last couple days fiddling around with two list applications (they’re both Air apps). The first one, MiniTask takes (as the name suggests) a minimalist approach to task lists. The second one, Simple Tasks

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Ready or not, AIR I come!

Sorry about the terrible play on words there (I’ve been taking too many literary cues from the Adelaide Advertiser but I am pretty excited about travelling to the UK next week and attending the London onAIR conference. Obviously it’s a

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Flash 98 – Apollo 0

I’m a flash developer. Though I’ve always taken the claims that 98% of internet enabled desktops have the Flash plug-in. I’ve seen this marketing babble get run a few times now in regards to Apollo vs. Silverlight and in general

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