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To continue with Air development or not to continue, that is the question

I’ve spent the last two weeks or so now doing a lot of tech soul searching, exploring all viable options currently available so I can move my life on in a tech landscape that’s seemingly (at least from an employment

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local3DToGlobal and Matrix3D shennanigans!

Just spent a few hours debugging this little delightful side effect of using local3DToGlobal on a DisplayObject that I’d set it’s matrix3D property to null (to remove the effect of blurry graphics after 2.5D rotations and z translations). Beware: using

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Textfield scaling issue

Thought I’d post about this issue unless anyone else comes across something similar and needs a fix. On a recent site I worked on ( i’m scaling the content when the user goes into FullScreen mode to make use of

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FullScreen Flash mask gotcha

Long time between posts… but thought I’d document this so that anyone else coming across the issue can get a quicker fix than I found. The problem I was having was with a masked area that wasn’t resizing along with

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FileReference.load() – keep it in scope!

Just a quick note (possibly to self) that when dealing with FileReference you need to ensure that the scope of the FileReference is maintained. This was mentioned in the Actionscript documentation, but it took me a while to figure out

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