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Loaded swf obscuring mouse events in overlapping movieclips

Long time no read. Been busy with a large Flex project, plus I’ve been trying to see a bit more of Europe – but thought it was about time to get back onto some blogging. That and I’ve come up

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A wolf in sheeps clothing

Ok, this is a bit off topic but I attended Oxegen festival in Ireland recently. The music was good, the weather was crap, the punters in my campsite were worse. Some little bastard thought it would be funny to go

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Tilt Shift Air App

I’ve just spent the last 15 minutes mucking around with a cool AIR app called TiltShift. It basically lets you create images using a technique called Tilt Shift Photography. The app does a rather nifty job I must say, here’s

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Flash Catalyst or Catastrophe?

I’ve been watching the large number of blog links regarding the news from Adobe labs that Flash Catalyst is now in public Beta; naturally I had to download and have a go myself. My first impressions are not good. It

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2009: the year of the alternative energy oxymoron

Ok, so it’s actually the international year of astronomy – but I’d like to decree in a fairly dictatorial manner that it should be the year of alternative energy (and that’s not to say that I’ve got anything against astronomy

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Breaking news: Good triumphs over evil

Well on this website it does anyway Had to take a bit of a break from the project I’m currently working on… think I’m being driven slowly insane by Flex.

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as3 casting issue

Either I’m going slightly mad or casting using the “as” keyword works differently to the old way of casting. Here’s some code to illustrate: showFormItem = ((( as CheckBox).selected as String) == _local.displayTriggerValue[i]) ? true : false Now this gives

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Passing parameters to a Flex eventListener – use a Dictionary!

Firstly, Happy New Year! Hope your ’09 is off to a flyer! Secondly, sorry about the rather mundane heading – couldn’t really think of what to call this post. I’ve been typing all sorts of things into Google trying to

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Flex and my state/binding epiphany!

I’ve been trouble shooting an issue that I was experiencing in Flex for close to 20 hours now. Yup I know, what could possibly take 20 hours to work out!!? What I’ve been trying to do is set up binding

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Flex Builder trace() issues

I’m having a few issues with Flex Builder and Sephiroth’s FlashTracer Firefox extension at the moment. The first issue is that the Design view in Flex actually traces things like: -> Begin call to AS: getGlobalPoint(Canvas1,-1,-1) Begin call to AS:

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