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Passing a value object as a parameter to amphp’s browser

Unfortunately I don’t have the answer on how to do this, and after a bit of Googling it seems like I’m not the only one. Getting VO’s from AMFPHP back into my Flex app as strongly typed objects is fine.

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Be careful source controlling Flash Builders html-template folder

As the title of this thread suggests, svn’ing the html-template that Flash Builder relies on to generate the container html files can lead to some headaches. One in particular that has just taken me about 5 hours to solve. I’ve

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A Flash spoof of Apple’s HTML5 page

This is absolute Gold! Bravo to those that created it; you’ve made some very salient points with the examples and comparisons given. Now we just need to ensure that the same number of people (including Managers and tech decision

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FileReference.load() – keep it in scope!

Just a quick note (possibly to self) that when dealing with FileReference you need to ensure that the scope of the FileReference is maintained. This was mentioned in the Actionscript documentation, but it took me a while to figure out

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why no AIR store?

Does anyone else find it odd that there’s no Adobe backed central repository for distributing AIR applications? I know that the Central runtime never really went anywhere (apparently due to the technical limitations of the users computer at the time).

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Flash 10.1 – Failure is not an option

In light of the recent debate sparked by Steve Jobs’ comments regarding Flash and it’s perceived weaknesses I thought I’d take an opportunity to make it patently clear – the perception of Flash is that it’s a slow, memory and

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“Everyone wins” – ya f#%king what?

Steve Jobs, in his recent enlightened rant regarding Flash said that as a result of barring Flash from all of their mobile devices the following would occur, “Everyone wins – we sell more devices because we have the best apps,

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Flex 4/Air Unit and Currency Converter

This is my first foray into using Flex 4, and it takes off from where I was at with my Converter application (as mentioned here, here and here) back in September of 2006 (shizzer time flies!). I’ve changed the currency

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My babies alive! Initially built using AS2 but never launched in 2006 (due to time constraints i.e. doing real work), the domain that was supposed to showcase my wares remained as a coming soon page for nigh on 4 years. Finally the

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Obama’s Approval Rating – Non US citizens have your say

I’ve been interested to see the response to President Obama’s approval rating dipping below 50% and it made me wonder, what if the rest of the citizens of the world got a say in this rating…? So now I’m giving

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